Retreat Little Besa & Face Your Bull – english

Walking in the forest, fresh December air reveals the exhalation of the horses, soft crackling leaves under your feet whisper to you, the campfire touches your soul’s spark of joy.
Being in a space, knowing you can ask bigger and greater, that leads you to the wonders of the unknown, the wonders of you.
An invitation to reconnect with your gut-feeling and embrace your intuition. An invitation to let your nervous system melt into more ease.

Imagine this could be for you.
How would your world be like then…?

Come and join us in the Long Ride Home retreat where we will explore two topics from this program: Little Besa & Face Your Bull facilitated by Rupert Isaacson.

About Little Besa & Face Your Bull:
Little Besa was the name that the Kalahari San Bushman shaman Besa gave to Rupert during the years that they worked together. Besa is also the middle name of Rowan – the Horse Boy – Rupert’s autistic son who was healed by old Besa in Namibia back in 2008. Old Besa taught Little Besa (Rupert) many things – things that help shape shift everyday life towards healing, towards joy. During the retreat Rupert will share some key points of what he was taught by his Kalahari mentor to help create joy, healing and every day miracles with this every day shaman’s eye.

Face Your Bull is neuroscience – the rational to Little Besa’s irrational. One’s bull is one’s own bullshit. One’s own ego and the challenges it brings. The ego is not a dragon or a monster to slay. Rather it is something that can serve one well – if one can learn to be happy dancing with it. Based on the idea of the Portuguese bullfight in which one doesn’t try to kill the bull, but instead dances with it on horseback, we discuss how to use neuroscience and body chemistry to learn to enjoy this dance of life – to dance with the bull, to ride the dragon.

At the end of the retreat we look at how to bring this shamanistic and this neuroscientific world view together into an integrative practice, with support and tips for how to take the discoveries home and begin to shapeshift one’s life, one’s mind, towards where our joy lies, always dancing us over the next mountain ridge, the next horizon…

About Rupert Isaacson:
As a human rights activist, Rupert lived with hunting & gathering tribes in the Kalahari Desert in South-Africa. He founded the indigenous Land Rights Fund, which helps hunting and gathering tribes gain legal title to their ancestral land and helped the Bushmen of Botswana win the largest land claim in African history in 2006 – which as a result of that he’s now banned from Botswana.

As a successful writer of The Healing Land, which tells the story of his family in Africa and his own story living with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert; The Horse Boy, which tells the story of his journey across Mongolia on horseback with his autistic son Rowan; and The Long Ride Home, which tells the three subsequent healing journeys he and his son made to Africa, Australia and the Navajo Reservation and as a successful documentary filmmaker of The Horse Boy and Endangerous, Rupert found other ways of relating to nature and healing.

This combined with being a journalist, discovering how horses can help autism and special needs, running the Horse Boy Foundation and being a successful horse-trainer, his compassion & pureness, his great expertise and insights obtained by these cultures he will bring these gems into your world.

About the venue:
This retreat will be held in the ‘Antwerpse Kempen’ at the beautiful domain of Soulhorses in Lille, Belgium. The unique manor house, nature, horses and other animals will contribute to getting us closer to our true nature and our true joy. Having easier access to the spirits, letting our souls be touched by the fire, creating that tribe-feel and sharing food will contribute to healing and having that joy.

We chose for luxury and the pureness of nature to make this fully catered and cared for retreat possible for you. The retreat includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 nights in one of the spacious bedrooms, which will be shared with maximum one other person.  A wonderful relaxing space with pillows and blankets will be to our service where we can warm up after enjoying and receiving insights in the fresh air.

Food & drinks:
All meals will be freshly prepared in the kitchen of the manor house.
Coffee, tea, water and juice will be available.

Ofcourse, you are welcome to bring your own favourite snacks and drinks with you.
If you have any food intolerances or allergies? Please let us know.

The workshop is from Saturday December 16th till Monday December 18th, 2023.
Timeframe: Saturday you are welcome at the domain from 5.30 pm. When everyone has arrived we start with dinner together and slide into the evening program. On Monday we wrap up at around noon.

We offer an early bird price up to and including november 6 of € 650,-
After that the price is € 695,- 

The price includes 2 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The sleepover is part of the retreat and the experience we offer. Although we wholeheartedly recommend to stay onsite, you are welcome to stay offsite.

Payments are non-refundable. Cancellations will receive a credit for future experiences/retreats.

The retreat is limited to 10 people.

Any questions about the retreat or would like to sign up?
Or would you like to have the information in Dutch language?
You can contact our host Ellen Schuringa (Dutch & English).